InnoVentures Capital Partners is the manager of the UTFC family of funds located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We invest in small companies throughout the region by providing subordinated debt to start-up and growing businesses. We fill a unique niche in the Utah venture capital network providing up to $1,000,000 to entrepreneurial companies.

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Numira Biosciences

Numira Biosciences' in-life models, imaging technology and histology services are your comprehensive outsourcing solutions for disease research, drug discovery and pre-clinical studies. Our therapeutic areas such as CNS, bone, atherosclerosis, orthopedics, pain and inflammation provide extensive value for many researchers. Utilizing our powerful, high-resolution, 3D visualization tools, we will provide you with images, metrics and analysis that will allow definitive answers much more rapidly and accurately than ever before. Our cost-effective pharmacology, histology and imaging services will save your team valuable time and resources.

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